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Monday, April 10, 2006

Ok not updating as much as I wanted to this last few days! But I finally got round to scanning my challenge pages from day 11 - 14. Been busy with competitions and challenges. At first I thought about quitting the layout competitions but honestly I'm loving some of the pages I've done. Using the craft robo also, and my printer more. I'll upload the contest ones as soon as I hear about whether I've made it to the next rounds (more elimination ones, and yes I said I was done with these! after these 2 I am I swear!). We didn't do a lot over the weekend, just some quality downtime. We did go out on a little hike Sunday afternoon, and took our camera's so we have a few nature shots. Oh and on Saturday we bought another fruit tree. This one is a satsuma tree. We also harvested a whole lot of oranges this weekend, the navels are SUPER juicy and sweet! Delicious!


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