Rhonna Farrers 21 challenge - day 16

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Another day down! 5 more to go! I'm gonna miss this! Must start journalling more! The quote for today was: Stop the habit of wishful thinking & start the habit of thoughtful wishes (Mary Martin). For me it started me on another big journalling page. I tend to over-analyse things. I need to STOP and think about my gut instinct. I need to start trusting myself, going with my intuition. I also need to stop thinking negatively. Make time! If not now, when? (another quote from Rhonna's blog!) This is the third page for this entry! Because I did over analyse.
Rhonna stated on her blog that there may or may not be a third round. I hope there is! I have so many things I want to create as new habits! My mind is racing a million miles a minute with new things I want to do. I need to stop, sit, and write them all down... then go from there.


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