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Saturday, May 27, 2006

For the longest time I thought I was a simple scrapbooker. I don't do fancy schmancy, or shabby chic, then Thursday I did a page that surprised me! Totally not my style, totally not my usual papers, and with lots of inking and distressing... and I loved it! What the heck? I'd share right now but its another competition entry (I do the competitions and challenges to stretch me creatively) and they don't allow sharing till after the competition is over. Its just weird that this layout is so totally not me. Kinda like the "3rd time lucky" layout I did a few months back. Weird that I somehow just dabbled into a grungy kinda look!
On a similar note I got the June Creating Keepsakes magazine yesterday, a magazine I don't usually get (like I said I'm a simple scrapbooks gal), and I love some of the stuff in there! Weird cos I stopped getting it cos of the artsy style layouts and now I find myself doing them! Its just weird! Even on the dog layout yesterday I found myself reaching for the distressing ink!! Its like no layout can escape the inking lately! And because of the CK magazine I got out Ali Edwards book (the first one I haven't gotten round to getting the new one yet) and I'm totally getting on board with the whole concept she has behind scrapbooking (ok moreso than when I first read it). I've been kinda sad lately at some of the old photo's we have (first digital camera etc) which can't be enlarged and retain the picture quality, but y'know what? to quote Ali E, "It is ok!" And I'm just "getting it". The point with this layouts isn't the photo's its the message behind them! Its like some ephiphany weekend where I realise the true meaning behind scrapbooking!
One thing I am also noticing more as I look through older photo's: serious lack of photo's of me! And of US together.
So I have a few goals for June:
  • scan all old photo's into the computer - high res

  • organise photo's with picassa (or some such program)

  • take more photo's of us!

  • take more photo's of everyday life!

  • maybe I feel a photo a day challenge coming on again!

Oh and tomorrow is Sunday Scribblings and I really want to get back into doing these! Hopefully I get time tomorrow to write something...


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