May Round up!

Friday, June 2, 2006

So I found this site early May and decided it would be a great thing to add to my blog at the beginning of each month. So here's the round-up for May :)
What books and/or magazines did I read this month?
-bookwise I rarely read fiction anymore :( weird cos I was BIG on reading as a kid. Anyway I reread "designers eye for scrapbooking" by Ali Edwards and "big picture scrapbooking" by Stacy Julian. Currently devouring Creating Keepsakes June Magazine, and Digital Scrapbooking 5.
What movies and/or tv shows did I watch this month?
-My parents visited in May and I got into the British show called "sea of souls". Everything has about finished just waiting for the new series to start. Should have new stargate and battlestar gallactic soon!
What special days did I celebrate and how?
-it was memorial day in May and Bob had the day off. We didn't really celebrate.
What illnesses or health concerns did I have in May?
-nothing other than darn allergies :(
What fun things did I do with my friends and/or family?
-we went to Skateland! Yes after what must be 7 years we went rollerskating! Our skates do still work, though the bodies aren't as co-operative ;)
What new foods, recipes or restaurants did I try in May?
-not much! Must break out those cookbooks again!
What special or unusual purchases did I make?
-I can't think of anything out of the ordinary! We are soon to be having new windows installed but that should be early June.
What were this months disappointments?
-other than the long weekend no being long enough? I don't think we've had any dissapointments! On the contrary!
What were my accomplishments this month?
-Where to start? It was my Guest Design team spot at Creating with paper! One of my layouts was chosen as layout of the day on scrapjazz, and it got included in their weekly newsletter. I got chosen as Junes guest designer at scrappingwithgrace. I won the fathers day card competition at createmykeepsake. A featured designer at diversity designs. And finally made it onto the design team at treasurestoscrap! Its been a TOOTASTIC month!
Any thing else noteworthy to record about May?
-We finally moved along a step on our greencard! Got our labor certification approval! Yeah! So now we push the papers off to someone else and wait again...
All that's left for me to do is the tasks - I'll update when they are done!
Back up all digital pictures to a cd and to the z drive
Back up all digital layouts to a cd. Print out any digital layouts created during the month and put them in albums.
Send email links to online photo albums to your family or friends who might enjoy them or send a picture cd, or picture attachments. Share your memories!Get your pictures printed out and put into simple photo sleeve albums.
Put finished paper scrapbook layouts in sheet protectors and albums to enjoy.
For bloggers - print out my blog entries to keep in a binder. My blog(s) really are like a journal and I was thinking that it would be nice to have hard copy to keep. I know some people back up their blog files which is probably a good idea.
Scrapbooking Supplies:
For digital scrappers:download, unzip, and file all kits & fonts purchased. Save a preview image of each kit and keep it in a separate file for easy browsing. Back up all new purchases to cd or dvd in case of computer crash or to maximize your hard drive space.
For paper scrappers:put away any new purchases. Do you still have stuff in sacks sitting around? I know some of you do! Put it away in an organized system.
For all scrappers:Look through what you have purchased recently and decide what you want to use. At the first of the month set some goals for scrapping (hint – use this same list of ideas as a goal sheet for April) Sort through old supplies that no longer appeal to you. Donate them to a friend who can use them or a charity. Look through what supplies you did use during the month and think about what it is about them that appealed to you. This will help you make smarter purchases in the future.
Clean up your area! Whether that is getting your computer in tip top shape, or clearing off the piles on a table where you can sit and work.


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