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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Our bed! How things change! Remember when we lived in England? Our bed was a wooden double bed, with wood slats (some broken). The size of a queen/king US bed. Bedding from Argos, and with an electric blanket for those cold winter nights. Remember the winter nights we spent huddled together for warmth on the electric blanket that was the size of a postage stamp (no not really but it seemed like it!). How we used to hate getting out of bed on the cold winter mornings, into the unheated house!
And now? In our California King sized bed, the size of a basketball court! How the first night we slept in it, I was sure you weren't actually in there with me! You seemed so far away! The difference is huge in many ways! Remembering those winter nights now that we're lying in bed in the 80 degree nights here in Southern California, with the fan and air conditioning on, not wanting to cuddle for fear of bursting into flames being so hot!
Which do I prefer? Any so long as its with you!


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