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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Well I got my patterned paper sorted out, organised by manufacturer - then color, hopefully this will work out better! Sunday afternoon was spent with Sky at the emergency vets. She woke with swollen anal glands in the morning and as I suspected an abscess, which burst later in the afternoon. So $200 later, antibiotics, pain gel, warm compresses and the vet cleaning her up and she's now back to her "normal" self. Butt is looking ok, just lumpy on one side where the abscess is still draining a little (too much info?). So I'm on doggy watch for a while (no licking!). This has meant 3 days of no scrapping and I am in serious denial! I think its the longest I've gone without scrapping something!
Digital Design Team upload #2 at Treasures To Scrap is today: Mirranda Reinhardt pretty flowers kit. This is my great grandmother, Doris. Just a simple layout of her. Been scrapping a lot of older photo's lately! Also been doing more digital work, and bi-scrapping work.
Last night Bob went rollerskating with Andy, I stayed home nursing the poorly puppy! I went round the house and took some photo's. Hopefully some inspiration for MMM entries! Also I need to get back on track with my Book of Me, challenges, dares, and competitions.
Hopefully I'll get chance to get some scrapping done later today, Sky seems to be doing better so I'll bring the dog beds in here and *fingers crossed* create!


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