Wednesday, July 19, 2006

So my mojo has been finicky this week! Monday I lost it completely! Yesterday it came back, and today it wavered. I don't know if its here, gone or just MIA! I think I'm a little under the weather. Bob has been feeling blah all week, and is just getting right, I hope it passes soon!
I got a layout and card done yesterday, oh and a digi layout. All newsletter stuff. Today I did an altered journal and a partial layout. The problem has been assignment stuff, finding the product for it, but it not really being my usual style. But I wanted to use it y'know! Its perfect for the assignment! FINALLY I got something going with it late tonight. Leaving it partially done, needs embellishments, title and journalling. Up and at em early tomorrow as we have a double dog vet visit! Sky has her sutures out and River has an ear problem, figure we might as well take both!


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