June round up

Sunday, July 2, 2006

What books and/or magazines did I read this month?
Magazines: Simple Scrapbooks, Creating keepsakes, scrapbook answers and scrapbook etc. Books I just recapped on Cathy Zeilske clean and simple whilst waiting for the sequel to arrive!

What movies and/or tv shows did I watch this month?
Movies - Hmmm as I remember I watched "Studio 54" one night. I actually quite enjoyed it, I think it was more the flashback 80's than the acting or anything. TV shows - watching Hex, American chopper and thats about it. Inbetween seasons right now.
What special days did I celebrate and how?
Special days - I don't think there were any! We did use the pool for the first time this year! And have been using it alot since.
What illnesses or health concerns did I have in June?
None thankfully other than wicked season allergies.
What fun things did I do with my friends and/or family?
Pool fun :) We had a dinner out with Andy and Jackie, that was fun. Not done a whole lot with a sick doggy.
What new foods, recipes or restaurants did I try in June?
We revisited the Greek place, although the service was slow the food was good! Tried choc chip granola bars from trader joes, which were nice.
What special or unusual purchases did I make?
I don't think I did! I ordered some books which should come next week.
What were this month’s disappointments?
I can't really think of any. I know I didn't get calls back for ST but I didn't submit anything new. Just been too busy in May and June.
What were my accomplishments this month?
I got a page picked up by scrapstreet e-zine for the July issue. And I got it picked out the gallery so they solicited me! First time that's happened! Also possibly some good things happening in the future which I can't talk about yet :)
Anything else noteworthy to record about June?
First design team uploads for treasure to scrap. Playing with digital and paper for July uploads


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