Hump day!

Wednesday, July 5, 2006

So Wednesday is apparantly know as hump day. I guess thats appropriate getting over the midweek and all but this week its different. This week Bob was off cos of the holiday and just went back to work today. Sky is at the vets having surgery. And I am at home with River, who is as lonely as me. Life would be so much easier with one dog, but when you have two you realize you could never just have one! I have to call this afternoon to see when we can pick her up.
I also got my book order from amazon today! Thanks amazon I needed the pick me up today! I now have in my hands Cathy Zeilske "Clean and Simple sequel", and Tracy Whites "photography for scrapbookers". Yummy! Just browsing through CZs book and WOW! loving it! So with reference to my usual forray into major mojo after reading these kinda of books expect me to be quiet for a day or two while I digest them, again and again, then expect either quiet mad scrapbooking, or me sharing LOTS of projects!!!
Oh I also have Ali Edwards book coming soon! I am SO looking forward to that one!!!


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