Sunday, July 30, 2006

My mother will be the first to say "hurrah" to this, but its time! I gotta re-organise and purge some of my stuff! I'll be sorting some stuff out over the next month and trying to get some order to all this STUFF! Seriously its taking over my scraproom! I got 2 DT orders this week, and a Guest order, plus I have another coming sometime soon! Ack! I have stuff piled on stuff and no idea what I actually HAVE! I know I need better ribbon storage!
So I'll be spending 15 mins a day (minimum) just organising this mess! Plus I'll be prepping for deadlines and DT stuff! Seriously who bought all this? I AM NOT TO BUY ANYMORE DCWV STACKS! Seriously I have enough of that to last a lifetime!
********BEFORE PICS!!!!********
**please remember I have been working on projects for the last week for deadlines due on the month end! lol! Its a MESS**
This is my main scrap area. 6ft table loaded with current projects and paper, and some recent purchases. The 12x12 plastic cart under the table holds lots of stuff, cardstock, paper, DT stuff (2 drawers) and dog products. The red wall cabinets hold embellishments by color (kinda working need to refine this!). Ribbon storage - not working! Tool storage - not working! This is my computer desk, I did tidy up some of this today!
The bed needs to GO and soon! Then I can put the dog toys and the sewing machine in the closet (thats behind the bed) well hopefully. The drawers are FULL of stuff, from sizzix dies to templates, punches/scissors and a whole drawer of new product. My rubber stamp and ink pads are here also - another system that is so NOT working! The basket on the floor is all stuff I want to alter (plus some on the shelves above computer desk!)

I did 30 mins in here today and so far I have cleared out paperwork (bills, payslips) and put them in the filing cabinet. I am working my way across the desk now! I can access my wishblade! Found my ipod! And put away all the magazines and idea books! Go me!


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