Rhonna challenge

Sunday, August 6, 2006

So I didn't get to update yesterday, mostly cos I was in pain. My should has been giving me some trouble again (reoccurring problem) and it moved up into my neck. I finally gave in and took some pain meds and some ointment and I can still smell the ointment gel stuff. Yukky! Good news is my shoulder feels much better today! I can move! Didn't do my exercises yesterday but thats ok! Its all good! Day 5 - all Rhonna Farrer digital stuff - recolored the border a little :)
Todays day 6 entry - I think this made me realise more than ever that not doing the exercise yesterday was ok! I mean its what I LEARN on the challenge that's important not the result! Much like most things in life really!

I also made 2 recipe pages yesterday but I can't share them yet... like a lot of stuff I'm doing at the moment :) Its all good, but makes my Mum impatient to see what I'm creating. All in good time! I also have a Guest Design Team spot for September :)

(yes that was a subtle toot!)


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