Photo-a-day during October

Monday, September 25, 2006

So its on! I'm doing a self-imposed photo a day challenge for October. The goal is to make me get out and take more photo's! I also plan on scrapping them into a mini-album. I realised that I go through spurts of photo taking, much like most things. Its all or nothing for me! So I'm posting the challenge for Treasures To Scrap during October. Giving suggestions/ideas for Octobers photo opportunities. I also really want to get out to LA Zoo again soon. Haven't been since I got the Lumis (over a year now) and I want some zoo shots. Maybe I can coax Bob into going with me :) I can't beleive its nearly October! 1 week! Where does the time go? October brings lots of things! First its the girls Barkday! Adopted them 4 years ago on the 14th. Halloween naturally brings lots of celebration. I bought a plastic tablecloth from Target dollarspot today, gonna use it as a backdrop for the halloween photo's! Speaking of which... have you SEEN the pet costumes in Target? OMG too cute! Loving the batman and robin, and the Yoda costume was hilarious! Saw the bee one today and the fire hydrant! Love the pet stuff there! So there you have it lots of photo's coming in October!

In other news I'm stalking the mailman for my Crafty Keepsakes October kit. Looks awesome! With Gin X and Urban lily papers! YUMMY!


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