Simply Sunday

Sunday, September 3, 2006

Its Sunday! Its a holiday weekend (labor day for you non-US people). And its boring. We currently deciding what to do about the mini van. Its chugging along with intermitent kangarooing down the road :( The mechanics can't give us a definate "oh its XYZ", it could be one of a number of things. We've looked at getting a new vehicle but can't decide on what!

I reloaded the post about simple inspirations from back in Feb. With the layout I did for the sept/oct edition of simple scrapbooks. I promise I WILL get the darn magazine scanned at some point! Been uber busy scrapbooking for scrappy chick assignments. Speaking of which the fall issue should be out soon! yeah! I got one project finished yesterday and completed another this afternoon, must get them photographed and uploaded soon!

I submitted some layouts today. I recently rearranged my folders on the computer with a "published", "available for publishing" and a "unseen" folder. Makes things much easier! And now I have to go update that cos one got picked up by Ready Set Create for their Oct/Nov edition! Yeah! Lots of calls coming up this month! Lots to work on!

I still can't beleive its September! Where did August go?


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