sunday scribblings #23

Saturday, September 2, 2006

Haven't done one of these in a while, been uber busy, but here is my scribbling for "Fortune Cookie". Eventually this will be a scrapbook page, something I've been meaning to do for a while! Those close to me will know that I can be quite the doubting thomas, however a chain of events relating to us, our favorite chinese restaurant and fortune cookies that changed my mind.
We've been going to this restaurant for about 2 years. Best Chinese food ever! And its vegetarian (bonus!). You know you always go, have your tea, eat your food, crack the fortune cookie, pay and leave. Never giving it much thought. In Nov/Dec 2005 that all changed. Bob got sick. He was diagnosed with atrial fibrulation. His heart was beating totally out of whack, and he was put on numerous medications. Lots of testing was done over those weeks, and we were told by his cardiologist that if his heart didn't return to normal on its own then he'd have to be shocked into a normal rhythm. After 3 weeks of worry his heart did convert naturally.
What does this have to do with fortune cookies? Well the weekend prior to this we went out for chinese. There were three of us. Two of us got a fortune in our cookie. Bob didn't! At the time you think nothing of it, just an empty cookie. But then things happen afterwards that make you think!
And it wasn't just THAT fortune (or lack of!).
Earlier this year my scrapbooking dreams began to be realised. I got a design team, and got published by my dream publication (Simple Scrapbooks). Things just started happening. Then I remembered my fortune. I don't remember it EXACTLY but it was something along the lines of "what you have worked for will come to fruition" or something. I keep them but we've just rearranged the furniture in my scraproom and I can't remember what I did with them. Anyway I noticed that the last few were TOTALLY dead on! Which got me to thinking and yep they have all been pretty acurate! Each time I'd get a "things are coming" fortune then yep they would.
Its not science, I guess there is a lot of room for interpretation, BUT it can help with decision making. I was pondering a decision two weeks ago about a call that ends next week. Do I apply? Do I stay where I am? Do I try to move forward? All the what ifs! My fortune that weekend read "Yes do it, and with confidence!" and you know what? I think I will!


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