The ups and downs

Monday, October 9, 2006

Its one of those times again! The UP was yesterday when I got SEVEN projects (3 layouts 4 cards) picked up by Ready Set Create for the Dec/Jan edition! The DOWN was today when the Blue Media calls went out and I didn't get an email. In hindsight I now know why! They want unseen stuff and only one of my layouts was unseen! It didn't state unseen in the call but it was in the info buried in their blog. Ya live and learn! Plus either way my stuff wasn't what they were looking for. But it is what RSC were looking for! So yeah ups and downs.

Haven't taken a photo for the photo-a-day challenge yesterday or today (so far). I need a boost or something. I got my latest AEzine this morning and now I'm pumped to go through my photo's and organise! When I got my Lumix I stored my photo's in a new file chronologically and its not working. I need to group them by subject. Hopefully make that a goal this month.


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