Monday, November 27, 2006

Finally got around to scanning my copy of Simple Scrapbooks Sept/Oct edition! Top of page 117! I'm kinda bummed out cos yesterday was the deadline for the current SS calls and I forgot! Doh! I had a couple of layouts I could have submitted too! Shoulda done it on Saturday but just clean forgot! Nevermind, no use crying over spilt milk and all that!

In other news I am working on a calendar of blog updates! This should at LEAST mean that I update more regularly and actually remember to post things published in Scrapstreet and Ready Set Create etc. I also started doing articles for newsletters and hope to publish them on the blog too. Plus continuing with the card sketches! Lots coming!!!

Projects completed today: DT layout for Treasures to Scrap (available for viewing on the 1st Dec!);
Working on: CHRISTMAS CARDS!!!! Hoping to get them all finished, done and sent by 1st Dec!


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