Sunday Scribblings: #37 Punishment and Reward

Monday, December 11, 2006

I'm a little (ok a LOT) behind on the Sunday Scribblings but I now have a list of what to do with the blog and on what days so this is helping me keep track and actually DO these challenges! Yesterdays prompt was "punishment and reward" which conjured up many images for me but this one I think speaks to many crafters!

Punishment & Reward
I am a woman, and I hate housework! There I said it! Now don't get me wrong sometimes it can be quite theraputic if I'm pissed off with something or someone, and need to work through the anger. In general though it bores the pants off me! To help with the mundane chores, earlier this year I devised a reward program for myself. "Paying" myself for chores done and for completing my list for the day/week. It worked great! For a while... You see the problem lay in the fact that initially the money I was earning was money I'd put to scrapbooking supplies. Then I got a design team, and another, and some guest spots. Now I have enough supplies right now! I'm more picky in the supplies I choose to buy. Therefore I don't NEED the reward so the punishment doesn't get done! Which in turn punishes me even further cos the messier the house is the more it stunts my creativity! Its a vicious circle! I think the reward system is something I definately need to revisit! My house was cleaner, my creativity level higher and I got the bonus of spending money on things I wanted! Its all to do with 2007 lately! Needing to plan for the New Year! I remember I had small incentives for creating too! Definately made me WANT to create more!
Punishment & Reward: it worked! I stopped! I need to start again! I have other things I can spend the money on besides scrapbooking. I need new clothes, new shoes, new everything really! I need a bigger plan! How many hours do we get in a day again? Mostly I need to feel better about myself which I did when I had this system in place!

Thanks for the reminder! I'll work on implementing this again in the New Year!


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