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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

All I can say really is WOW! I spent Sunday and Monday at the convention and I am exhausted. I think when people say CHA winter is BIG they don't really explain HOW BIG! Its not big it's HUGE! The first day we didn't manage to walk all the way round, nearly but not quite. Sunday morning I met my room-mate La Tonya who was working at the Stemma booth, we're on a couple of design teams together so got along great! (Just wanna say "Hi" to La Tonya my roomie! Had a great time with ya and I love ya to peices! Expect an email soon! I'll let ya get settled tonight then we'll start chatting again tomorrow!). I then set about introducing myself to the gals at Boxer who were awesome! Loved the booth and all the product and projects, saw my stuff displayed up on the booth which was awesome! Which reminds me I need to upload those projects! I got so wrapped up in CHA prep that I completely forgot! I then went and introduced myself to the One Heart... One Mind team. Now they had an awesome booth! The ladies were really sweet and the new line "formality" ROCKS! Seriously cute paper! Its all black and white patterned paper, with colored solids to make it POP! The new rub-ons too, and some really cute embellishements coming out too! I cannot wait to play with all that! We popped down to Scrappy Chick to see Lynette, Kara and Heidi. Was fun to see all our work being displayed on DVD, and the new Scrappy Chick papers. La Tonya and I just spent the rest of the day ooohing and ahhhing over all the other new stuff. We picked up some goodies, catalogues and hobbled back to the hotel.
Monday we got to the show around lunch. La Tonya was helping out at Stemma for an hour. We met up with Kim Hughes who is soooo cute! Loved her to bits! I also met up with Dora, Bonnie and Michelle from Scrapstreet! Its so great to finally put faces to names! We got in a couple of make'n'takes after we finished walking the floor, most of Monday was spent revisting booths we loved, chatting again with the One Heart One Mind gang who were all just sooo friendly. Love those ladies, I was bummed that I wasn't gonna meet them Tuesday for brunch but I got to meet and chat with them Sunday and Monday and that was great.
Overall CHA was an amazing experience and I'd do it all again in a heartbeat! The highlights of the weekend were meeting La Tonya and all the people from the design teams I am on! Just puutting faces to the emails and message boards. La Tonya and I hit it off right away and honestly I can hardly talk right now, my throat is so sore from chatting the night away with her! Definately fun though!

I am trying to catch up on emails (165 new emails in my inbox this morning! - YIKES!) and I am behind on my message boards. If you sent me an email or message this weekend I am getting around to it ok, might take a day or two to get fully caught up.

Card template tomorrow!


mum,  January 31, 2007 at 6:17 AM  

glad you had a brill time, we missed you sooooo much cant wait to chat and find out all about it love you lots

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