Boxer CHA sneak peeks

Friday, January 26, 2007

Ok time for a few Boxer Scrapbooks sneak peeks! Here are a few of the goodies being released at winter CHA! One thing I have to say about Boxer is I love how they THINK about their new lines and compare them to previous lines, and how they incorporate the colors of the older lines into the new lines so everything can be used together!

First up the new ginghams! Now I'm naturally drawn to a few things, lines, spots, dog products, and gingham. What can you say its timeless! What papers don't look good with gingham? And these colors will go with almost anything! A great staple for the whole of the Boxer line!

Big news for me! New dog papers! Love me some dog products! It is what initially drew me into Boxer products! These look awesome with Black gingham papers (see above!) and they co-ordinate well with papers from previous lines too (like the black/white spotted paper) AND not only that they match the ribbons Boxer released in Novemeber! And black and white! Heck these were MEANT for ME!

Next up: Vroom! Loving these! So cute! And one of the new stamp sets!!! I am definately gonna be using this stamp set at some point on my bike pages! Awesome! And these colors again go great with the blue gingham papers (above!) or the existing Dino line!

Now this line is cute for all those with young kids! What kid doesn't have a trike? Love that this paper comes in bright or pastel colors. I do again love the stamps! Loving the stamps lately, and Boxers are awesome! Now I need to borrow someones kid and a trike so I can use the pretty papers! lol!

More to come!!! I'll be posting more sneak peeks and projects soon!


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