So today it really hits me...

Thursday, January 25, 2007

I'm going to CHA! Wow! I've known for 10 days but today its like "Wow its THIS Sunday!" holy cow! I am so not prepared! Everyone is offering advice etc and I'm looking through message board posts for hints and tips! Today I went shopping. Got some ink for the printer for doing my portfolio etc (yes I am THAT behind). Picked up a badge holder which I plan to decorate in some way (y'know in my spare time?). Got some water, mints, snacks and stuff for the journey. Printed off directions, and maps of the convention center, apparantly it only takes an hour and 13 minutes! Yeah plus the horrendous LA traffic! I doubt Sunday will be bad first thing in the morning but NOT looking forward to the weekdays, plus coming back is always a nightmare cos of Disney traffic. So yeah, you know, doing all the essential stuff I should have done LAST WEEK! Did I mention its THREE DAYS AWAY! I guess the good news is that once I go to CHA I will no longer be a newbie to it all and I can offer advice and words of wisdom to others going for the first time?

I'm rambling aren't I? yep its a rambling post! Yikes! Ok tomorrow I'll be updating with CHA Boxer stuff, promise! Got a little sidetracked the last couple of days!

On a lighter note email subsribers will be happy to know that I am working on little something for you hopefully coming at the weekend!


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