Its a happy mail day!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The UPS truck came at 11.30 and dropped off a box of Boxer goodies! Oh my! That box was HEAVING! I think I about fainted! I'm still digging through it... slowly. Tons of papers (including some new ones!), embellishments, ribbon, stickers, alpha's... and stamps! I feel like I won the lottery or something today! Can't show you anything, but I am wondering where the heck I am gonna store all this! I'm thinking Boxer are gonna be needing their own storage area in here!
I also need to figure out a loose ribbon storage

Still excited about going to CHA! Trying to decide when, which day(s), and what to wear, what to take etc. I think yesterday I was TOO excited and it didn't sink in that I was actually able to go! Now I need to knuckle down and PLAN!

If anyone needs me I'll be knee deep in supplies trying to reorganise or I'll be buried in planning for CHA!


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