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Sunday, April 9, 2006

This weeks prompt: REAL LIFE

What is REAL LIFE? I had a whole thing typed out but it just didn't feel me y'know. Like something forced something I think everyone wants to hear. I often do that. Just give people part of me, not that whole thing, afraid of hurting feelings, of being too raw. I'm afraid people won't like the real me. The person with the bad PMS, who is quite capable of erupting in a mad tirade of verbal abuse and rage one minute, yet breaking into tears the next. Yet for those two weeks I am me... raw. That's real life. Raw. It's an unedited documentary that, one week is boring shit and the next full of excitement, twists and turns. Its about choices. Whether you see the glass half full or half empty its up to you. Real life is what you see when you turn OFF the TV and go out into the world. Its what you experience when you STOP taking photo's and come out from behind the camera. Its who you meet when you get out of the virtual world and actually venture out of your house. Its nature, its the cycle of life, its beautiful and ugly at the same time... its balance. But more importantly real life is what YOU make it.


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