Studio Friday

Friday, April 7, 2006

So I decided to jump on a few of the challenges going around (incase you hadn't noticed), and today is Studio Friday The topic for this week is:

"What is the view like from your studio? Real or imagined..."

This is the view from my scraproom (or should I call it my studio now? hmm). Our street is higher than the surrounding streets so we overlook the next streets gardens. Eventually we are going to put a fence along the top (separating the garden into two, maybe three tiers) so you won't see the houses from the window. I love the hills around us. Lovely this time of year after all the rains we've had. What you also can't see is to the left of the photo is a power cable pole which the squirrels travel on daily, to the disgust of my dogs who think that squirrel watching is an official sport. The squirrels travel along the wires, to the orange trees (off to the far right) and pinch and orange to eat! Who knew squireels ate oranges? Also out my window is the pool directly under the window. And a few weeks ago we had a pair of visitors, so thought I'd also add this photo


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