SS in the mail + Rhonna's Challenge day 10/21

Wednesday, April 5, 2006

So I packaged off my layout today to Simple scrapbooks. I sent it on its merry way with a quick blessing of "please arrive safely". Yep I talk to my mail! Anyway until I know they received it I'll be panicking that I won't get "in". So positive thoughts for my little layout in it HUGE box.

This is Rhonna's day 10 challenge. All about change. How strange the last 10 days have been. The quote says "it is in change that we find purpose" Heraclitus. Whilst thinking about the quote I saw this background paper (rusty pickle I think) and then the scenic route (harlequin) lying on my table from a previous project and I remembered about these butterflies. They are vellum. I remember vaguely getting them in a RAK a year ago from a pubster (I don't even remember who!). And they sat waiting to be used and today they came out! I can't help but feel kinda like a butterfly this week with the whole SS call. Its a time of change this week as I re-evaluate my goals. I took time this week to make some other changes in my life! Some overdue clothes shopping for one!


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