Rhonna Farrer 21 day challenge - day 9

Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Todays quote is about personal goals and improvements seeing every small thing and embracing it. I'm not competing against Martha Stewart with the housekeeping but I'd rather not live in a tip either! Scrapbooking wise I'm not competiting against everyone else cos if *I* am happy with my work then the publishing is the cherry on the cake.

This leads the second page I did today. Yesterday I posted about how I could retire because I'd achieved my personal best goal of being published in Simple Scrapbooks, then I happened upon keri smiths blog and found this list. It hit home that yes I have achieved my current goals but that doesn't mean its over! I need to re-evaluate and make new goals. I did blur the journalling as its an indepth look into how I react to the list and its personal :)

That layout in turn lead me to this one. New scrapbooking goals. I can't manage my time in my scrapbook room without new goals! The little trophy card has the details of my call yesterday from Simple Scrapbooks :) The goals are listed in no particular order. Some are dependant on ME, some on external forces. The design team issue is one I already had for the year so its the only one I have left from my original goals for this year! What I planned on doing (but never got round to!) was making my own! The Spotoncreations Design team! Members = ME! Seriously I get a monthly kit club and all I need to do is USE the submission info I have and CREATE with the kit. I haven't touched last months yet and Aprils in on the way! This is something I have to start doing! Using my supplies. CREATE CREATE CREATE! I have a monthly total of scrapbooking goals (includes submissions, layouts, challenges etc) and I do usually meet these goals. I need to have them posted on my whiteboard to keep track of! Maybe I will post them to my blog every 1st of the month? Make myself accountable! Ok I might just do that! Good idea Di! ;0)


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