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Monday, January 1, 2007

2006 has been such a great year! A year filled with changes, growth and discovery. A year which I really am not sure if I can top. That said, I set goals last year so I shall do the same this year. The problem with me is I want to acheive so much in so many area's of my life its hard to focus. So I am setting my scrapping goals here. For 2007 I would like to:
  • focus more on paper publications, with a goal of getting published in paper magazine again
  • challenge myself more
  • create daily
  • write more articles
  • create at least 15 digital kits
  • get on a manufacturer design team
  • define my style
  • enter HOF or MMM or other BIG competition
  • finish my marketing course and ACT on it
  • get my resume site done
Ok those are my goals for year. If you know me you know I am organised and a planner, I love lists. I like babystepping and planning to acheive these goals. So I make monthly goals. For January I want to:
  • complete my Boxer DT finalist entry
  • get caught up on DT stuff
  • reorganise all my 2005/2006 photos to themes
  • 1 photo a day
  • 1 project a day (even if I can't always share it)


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