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Monday, March 12, 2007

So I mailed another package to one heart... one mind this morning more DT projects and assignment work. Did I mention I love being on a manufacturers Design Team? And the fact that I am on TWO is just kinda mind blowing! I mailed my package off this morning and I definately found that if you do the paperwork as you go along it's a lot quicker! Rather than saving it all till the end! Plus I am just quicker at the paperwork now I know what is required. My next projects to work on are Boxer Scrapbooks DT projects, I have the ideas sketched out, need to take a better pic for the layout though. This is my first proper month with DT assignments etc for the manufacturers so I want to get next and start working on Aprils assignments. That is my plan for this week. Get my other DT commitments done for March, then work ahead for April. Same with the blog and newsletter stuff! I also need to make more stuff just for me, cos the way its going I am gonna have nothing to share on this blog! lol! Everything I have done recently I've not been able to share so hopefully more general scrapping stuff coming too!

My PC is fine now, except for the fact I cannot upload or download from the external hard-drive, which is where we back up the photo's and where the biking pics are from the weekend. Stupid technology!

I had lots of ideas over the weekend for digital stuff so look out for stuff coming soon! I also have lots of friends in cahoots with sketches etc so lots of good things happening there too! Such fun to have talented friends!

Well I need to walk the dogs and work out! Catch you all later!


grambie March 13, 2007 at 12:05 PM  

A lovely day to you with the sun shining so bright. Nice to chat with you on a regular basis. I am proud of you & all your new scrap involvements. I will be able to say, I knew her when. "SMILE."

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