Happy Mail Day!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Some days just make you smile! Becky sent me this lovely card (and a few goodies) in the mail, which I received today. One thing I will say to all of you out there, never underestimate the value of a handmade card. I love giving and receiving them, they just "mean more". Well to me they do anyway.

So to Becky I say Thank You! This made my day! Loved the goodies too! The card is sitting on top of my printer right now. I started putting all the handmade cards I get around my whiteboard. Steadily building a collection. Plus this was a great reminder that I need to mail off the RAKs and happy mail I've had piling up. Plus birthday cards for next week.

So the moral of todays rambling 2nd post? Go send someone a card just because.. it may brighten up their day!


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