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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Sharing layouts done for the contest last month at Scrapping with Grace. Never again will I attempt to take part in THREE month long contests in one month! What was I thinking? Glutton for punishment? yep! This contest was a team contest, I played with some DT members from Treasures to Scrap. Each round had a challenge attached and honestly I struggled with many of them, they were a little rigid for my liking. I guess I like more freedom to create than I realised. But pushing yourself is good even if I go kicking and screaming...

Another layout picked up for publication! One of 3 projects picked up for Ready Set Create June/July issue!

Challenge: Use sketch (by Renee' Morris-Dezember); chipboard; stamping; 2 patterned papers; Struggled initially with this one. I don't stamp much on layouts, but I dug out the foam stamps for this. Hate the hand journalling on this totally ruins the design of the page.

UPDATE! - Guess it was ok afterall cos its a cover finalist for Scrapstreet June issue! YAY!

Challenge: use more that 3 photo's; layer pp/embellishments; use your teams colors; I struggled with this one also. I don't layer much, my style is more simple. It kinda annoyed me really that layering was a requirement. Now I'm left with a layout I don't really like that much, lol! Its just not my style.

Challenge: Use cosmo cricket on 95% of layout PLUS: Raw (raw journalling or photo, or raw chipboard); old (use something old), Color (at least one photo in color) ; Keep our attention; This one really got me! When I signed up I didn't see the small print about having to use cosmo cricket. I might be the only person on the scrap universe that struggles with this paper! Soooo yeah I wasn't overly thrilled at using it on 95% of the layout, then the other requirements! yeah! See for me cosmo cricket required black and white photo's. Its a distressed line and the only one I had was the wonderland. The ONLY line of theirs I like is the new dutch girl, and nowhere round here sold it. And so I ended up with this, another blah (to me) layout.

Challenge: use given quote; chipboard; 5x7 photo; This challenge initially I was nervous about, I hardly ever use quotes, but I LOVE this page! See no layering of patterned papers, this is my style, clean simple uncluttered. Probably my favorite done through the contest

Bonus Challenge: layout to make us laugh; Who couldn't laugh at this photo? Had to use this one of River!

Challenge: use given ad for inspiration; color; circles; chipboard; creative journalling; My second favorite of the contest. Loved pushing the journalling around the circle, the arrows. Again fun. Tight parameters but falling into my style.

So what did I learn from this contest? Well joining in on the very last day isn't good! We were immediately behind as a team cos we missed some bonus challenges, lol! I don't like layering, I like my layouts simple, clean and uncluttered. Basically I know that these types of contests aren't really for me, unless I know the site very well. The challenges were too strict for me during this contest, I like to be challenged but also able to put ME in my layout. I got a couple of layouts I LOVED but some that will be in the back of an album buried! LOL!

Took part in another contest in April which I will share the layouts later! Photo a day for May: needs better cropping and some fiddling in photoshop but I'm trying to get this done and uploaded before dinner burns! Card sketch challenge coming tomorrow!


Renee' Morris-Dezember May 2, 2007 at 12:21 PM  

WOO HOO Di - Congrats on the Cover LO :)

Lucy (aka scrapperqueen) May 2, 2007 at 1:14 PM  

yeah girlie..congrats on the cover the layouts

Rachel Tops AKA "Doodlebug4444" May 3, 2007 at 9:04 AM  

OH CONGRATS GIRL.... Very proud of you!


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