photo a day (6th May)

Monday, May 7, 2007

In our side yard is this big bushy shurb(yep the extent of my gardening knowledge for this plant) that just grows and grows, despite not being watered by either myself or my neighbor (technically its their shrub). Its been cut back, trimmed, cut some more and still grows. Each year it springs to life and produces these black berries which the birds love. I like it right now cos its in fruit rather than bloom, in bloom its a nightmare cos of the bee's! They swarm around it! And as Bob will tell ya I don't do bee's well! Never been stung and don't wanna thanks very much! Anyway I went out and snapped some shots of the berry shoots. I love the texture on the berries, and yep the spiders love to hide in there too hence the webs! Oh maybe I can shoot a spider tomorrow! Must dig out macro lens!

Sketches coming later today, need to edit post, upload files etc.

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