Photo a day 5th May

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Despite my total lack of regular gardening out in the back flowers DO bloom, heavens knows how. I totally thank the birds, or some natural order cos I certainly didn't plant these. Each year we get them, California Poppies, they burst out in different areas each year for a lovely spot of orange in the back garden. Did I mention Bob started an irrigation system back there? So we're actually watering the fruit trees now! Had a couple of juicy oranges off them so far this year, so hoping they'll produce lots now that we're watering them.

On a side note getting this shot was tough as the winds are still here, beautifully sunny but windy, this was the best shot I got that wasn't a blurry mess. Hopefully they'll still be in bloom later this week when the winds have died down some!

Oh and apologies to the feedblitz people for the old posts being rehashed, I'm having to replace some layouts/cards with out for publication signs *smile* had a few emails over the weekend so far, so sorry guys.


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