Photo a day catch up

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The photo a day challenge for May has hit the midway point! Its around now that I start losing steam but I'm still going so "yay go me!" I have the weekend photo's here. No photo from the 13th yet, I did take a few when we were out but they are on DHs camera and I have to get the pics from that yet. So starting with todays photo of a ladybug.

From the 14th is this one of my ipod, needed a pic for a layout so here it is. Oh and my playlist is VERY varied. My favorite? Greenday, Offspring, Madonna though I'll pretty much listen to anything. Mostly I use it when working out on the treadmill.

Saturdays photo was this one of Boots skincare. Did I mention its now available in Targets? Yep I can buy British stuff from Target! Awesome! I loved Boots botanicals line when we were in England so I'm very happy to see it here!


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