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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

How did it get to the 22nd already and I haven't done any self portrait sessions? I made time today to get outside and take some photo's. I know I've taken a couple of arm extension pics of me but I don't really count the odd shot taken like that as a 'session'. Every few months (I am aiming for every month) I go out in the side yard and take some pics using the tripod and shutter release. I take A LOT of photo's because I am so very picky about how I look (aren't we all?). Plus I figure it gives me a lot to choose from, once I weed out the eyes closed, out of focus, or blurry shots (plus the shots with a dog head, ear or tail in them). Anyway I had a spur of the moment idea to lean over and look right into the camera, I took 2 shots like this, one totally blurry and this one which I love: 22nd May

Yesterday Sky had a bath, the dogs don't like bathtime. Weather was completely miserable too so no outdoor shots. 21st May:

This is another bargain I got last week, an original roladex. It even has the key and all the tabs still, unused. Cost me the bargain price of $1.98! 20th May:

This one is a texture one, this is a car wash mitt. I've been taking photo's of lots of textures lately, from flooring to fabrics, stucco and woods. Loving textures for digital scrapbooking. 19th May:


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