Photo a day - yesterday and today

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Photo a day for yesterday was this one of my newest flip flops. I had a blue pair for AGES, but with pool use last year they just gave up on me. Hadn't thought about replacing them till now. Its hot right now, in the 90's beautifully sunny, though it has been windy. I love my flip flops. Though I need a pedicure or something!

Todays pics! I swear I am going though a foot phase! Thats my bare feet, right after a swim! Yep I braved the freezing cold pool for a quick dip! One thing about not having a pool guy is doing it all yourself you MAKE yourself use the damn pool! Its clear, clean, and chemically balanced!

Whilst I had the camera out I snapped a self portrait, totally spur of the moment (usually I get the tripod etc) but this one was just a "turn the camera and click". Apart from it looking up my nose I like it!


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