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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Originally created this article and layout for the Scrapstreet Star contest, I guess they liked it cos I earned a spot on the ezine staff. Just thought I'd share it with you all as I haven't yet. Reminder to self: also schedule time this week for the white text tutorial.

Alpha: Heidi Swapp; All other products: one heart... one mind

Are you stuck BEHIND the camera? Finding out that all your photographs have something missing? If you're like me you'll find out that every photo has that missing person... YOU! About 18 months ago I looked back at all my photo's and realised that I wasn't in many of them! How was I going to document MY life when I had only a handful of photographs of me? I decided right then that I would start taking handing the camera over, asking people to take MY photo so that I had proof I was actually there!

My first step was not getting all shy and embarrassed about getting my photo taken, I've changed alot over the years I am not that awkward teenager anymore! Once you get over the initial embarrassment of having your photo taken you'll find that its actually enjoyable (imagine the shock!). Not just the photo taking but having those photo's to scrap. Plus the more photo's you have of yourself the increased chance of finding one you actually like! One tip I found was tilting my head up slightly, elimates the double chin, not that I have a double chin! Its the camera, it adds 10lbs you know, my 10lbs goes to my chin!

One way to get your photo taken is self portraits. Its difficult sometimes to hand the camera over to someone else (without them making you look terrible! or is that just me?) so I make time every month or so and take a bunch of self portraits. I use a tripod and a shutter release cable, but just holding out your camera at arms length works too! I remember when my husband and I first started dating we'd do those goofy shots, with the camera held out to get a picture 'together'. No idea why we stopped that. The photo's are blurry, but they tell the 'moment'. That we were there, they tell the story. So get out from behind the camera, get IN the photo and tell YOUR story!


BrigittevT May 21, 2007 at 3:03 AM  

I really had fun reading this article, you are so right. But you know ?? I just wish I was that teenager again, no wrinkles, no grey hair .... I hate myself in most pictures, I think I only have a handful I like LOL Isn't that terrible ?? So, I am going to get out the tripod and have some fun, see if I can get some nice photos of myself and get over the age-thing ;-)

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