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Monday, June 11, 2007

Busy creating...
some one heart... one mind goodness!

went riding yesterday
I DO have pics.
Just need to snag them off DHs camera
I am sore, achey, swollen and some lovely shades of bruised!
Full story soon!

Bubble baths rock!

did I mention one heart... one mind goodies?
Got some of their new Holiday papers, and buttons!
Oh the buttons!

to enter MMM you have to actually DO layouts!
not looking good for me entering right now!
the deadline is 7 weeks away!
It's still doable right?

Did I mention I gave up coke?
Well all soda's?
I miss it!
I never drank that much
Just one a day
It's not good for me though
and so
I quit

Karma rules!
a few of you will understand that
closure at last!

Busy busy busy
did I mention the creating?


Jan Scholl June 12, 2007 at 11:16 AM  

I gave up Pop 10 years ago because of ulcers. I dont miss it at all. Once I grabbed my daughter's cup instead of mine with the tea and about gagged. I actually drank this stuff??? Yuck!!

I only drink watery tea and bottled water now. I lived on gator ade while I was sick, so I cant stand that anymore either.

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