Email problems + Sketch call!

Monday, July 9, 2007

Ok as you know if you read the blog recently I've had computer problems. Had to reformat etc and it seems I've lost all my email addresses! Including my sketch girls! *sigh* If you're signed up for the newsletter or email alerts you'll be ok, but my sketch girls well I lost all your emails!


if you are already one of my sketch girls can you EMAIL ME PLEASE!!
**UPDATE** Ok apparantly I DO have your emails girls! woohoo! Bob had saved them and talked me through how to get them! Yay! Now to input them into my new address book!

if you WANT to be one of my sketch girls email me and I'll send you out some details. Please put Card or Layouts in the email (or both) and whether you are digi/paper or both!

ok back in a while with another update!


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