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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

So I just wanted to say thanks for all your emails etc lately, they do brighten my day and make me smile! Thanks to Chris who nominated me for this "rockin girl blogger" award!

Apparently I have to nominate 5 people it seems, so after long consideration (ok 2 minutes) I decided to nominate:

  • Nancy - girl always makes me laugh!
  • La Tonya - Only scrapper I met online that I met IRL. Rockin' at CHA!
  • Julie Ann - always pushed me, helped me and always makes me think! And so willing to share information!
  • Shimelle - don't know her personally, never met her, stalk her blog. I wish I could be as free in creating as she is. And the woman rocks the cupcakes!
  • My sketch girls! Had to mention them! Every week they rock my sketches and I get a bounty of eye candy in my inbox to share with you all!
My 'twin-separated-at-birth' Robin would have gotten a mention if she updated her blog regularly! *HINT HINT*

And in the last week I got nominated twice for this "thinking blogger" award! First by Regina then by Jen, that's just so funny to me! This is something I love doing and if that makes you think then great!

So again to nominate 5 sites worthy of a thinking blogger, hmmm let's see.

  • The EDS blog, loved that site from the get go and always inspires me
  • Julie Ann gets mentioned again cos well every conversation with her leaves me with so much to do! This woman makes me think!
  • Keri Smith - if you don't know her - go now and read her blog! Awesome illustrator and artist.
  • craft magazine - blog about all things crafty
  • Angie Pederson - scrapbook industry news, she keeps me informed of all things scrap related


Jolene July 31, 2007 at 4:37 PM  

You really are rockin', girl!!

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