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Friday, August 31, 2007

As a few of you know, Bobs work hours have been CRAZY of late, but he broke up Tuesday for a week "on call". Now usually this meant a call the day after, at the most 2 days, but so far nothing (sshhhh don't wanna jinx it!). Anyway yesterday we went to Santa Barbara for the day with our friends Chris and Alecia.

We went to the Museum of National History, primarily for the butterfly exhibit. Where you walk through the exhibit of 1000 butterflies. Just so cool, I've never been to anything like that before so it was fun. I was gonna take my big camera but I need a new camera bag to hold the camera and all the crap I needed to carry around with me, so instead ended up taking Bobs small camera. I got some good shots though!

I had a butterfly land on my hand, the one holding the camera so no pics. Bob had one land on his head!

After lunch we went on a trolley tour of the city, something we'd done before but our friends hadn't. Then called more friends Nigel and Kerry's on the way home, they live in Ventura right next to the beach, so we took a walk along the beach too. Here is their furbaby Ollie! Love him to pieces! He's so dang cute!

In all a great day, and we didn't have to drive (thanks Alicia!). Booted up the computer today to over 100 emails so bear with me over the weekend whilst I try to get caught up! Layout sketch coming tomorrow. We're off to go looking at more carpet! Catch ya tomorrow!


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