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Monday, August 13, 2007

that's my life right now, nothing to see... Almost everything I've been creating is for assignments that I can't share yet. Although that is awesome (and I'm really NOT complaining!) it's bad for the old bloggeroo. I am on the verge of deadlines due Wednesday and naturally true to form we decided to move the rooms around further at the weekend, so right now I am mostly moved into my new scraproom/studio/office. Plus I can't even take pics right now cos the stuff I'm working on is spread out right across the table (and floor and desk but we won't go into that). So I'm going to post a couple of the bloggy questions I've had recently

Secret Crafter asked: I would like to know how you highlight titles (I notice that you have blue boxes around yours) how is this done please?
Answer: You can get this template as a 2 column template in blogger. It's called the "denim" template. The highlighting etc you can alter in the layout once you choose the template.
I just modified the heck out of it to get the 3 columns, and banner, and made it wider.

HappyHappyJoyJoy asked: is it really that hard to make a three column blog? Are you sure you don't want to share how? Please!!
Answer: If you just want a 3 column template then google "3 template blogger" and you should get some links for templates. Unfortunately I'm picky. I liked the standard layout I had, just wanted 3 columns. I also couldn't find a template to use that had the 3 columns, plus the archieves how I liked them (collapsable) and the labels, and, and, and... Yeah I'm picky. So yes I took an afternoon, swore a lot, and vowed NEVER to touch the html to the blog again. (which I promptly broke last week when I put the new banner in). So never say never eh?

Chris asked:
I would love to put a photo show down the side of my blog so if you have any clues I would be so grateful. I have tried before but the slideshow is always too wide and I have no idea how to resize it. oooooh tall order there lol
Answer: I'm looking into a tutorial on this soon, keep ya posted!

Jan asked about the brush tutorial: Do I have to use this in photshop? I usually remove my card stuff to Microsoft something or other because I am not editing them. HOw would I use a copyright in a simpler program or do i need to fold them back into a photshop folder and add it there and then back to the simple one?

Answer: without knowing the microsoft program you're using I don't know. Email me with your program specs and I'll hook you up to a tutorial. I use photoshop to resize my pics for the web so it's just another step to add the 'watermark' before saving. I know you can do the same in paint shop pro. Even just a little text with your name or blog would help too.

Jan also asked: I want to make my own head banner and am playing around a bit. how easy or hard is it? and this may be really dumb-but can I make it animated at all?
Answer: For me it was easy to make the banner. Guess it really depends on your paint package knowledge? And putting it into blogger wasn't that hard. I will say it depends on blogger most times, sometimes it's a little 'temperamental'. Some people go to remove their header in the layout and find they can't, so there may be some html altering involved. To make an animated image you need an animatation program, saving the image as an animated gif file. I would imagine blogger allows animated banners but I can't say I've seen any. Maybe I'll try it and let your know? lol.

Ok anymore questions just ask, about anything I don't care, I'll help if I can. I gotta go finish up the assignment, so far I've done the cover of a mini book. That took me an hour! Not feeling particularly productive apparently!

Edited: -
And cos I can't post lately without a pic at all here is a digi layout I did with the free kit for scrapstreets July issue. I found something to share! YAY! More soon!

Credits: Fiesta Fourth by Dora Phillips and Michelle "Spink" Boeckermann for; Font: century gothic.


Tracey August 14, 2007 at 6:33 AM  

Love this LO - excellent!

Renee August 14, 2007 at 6:24 PM  

Ahhhhhh I :heart" your LO!! Beautiful colours!!

grambie August 15, 2007 at 4:59 PM  

Sorry for the lateness, but I am still doing my Oncology session which ends on Friday for this month. So I might have missed a few posting. Love the card template along with your design. So cute in every way. I really enjoyed the Q&A session. Interesting reading although I do not have a blog. But you can never learn too much by reading other's Qs and then your wild answers that automatically bring a smile. HUGS!!!

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