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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Feeling very much like Spring here in Southern California. The weather is very changeable. Had some BEAUTIFUL sunny days, then yesterday an overcast "doesn't know what to do" kind of day, with a chilly night. We tried opening the pool last week to find that the filter wasn't working efficiently. So after saying for 2 years we were going to replace the DE filter for a cartridge filter we did. Bob plumbed it in last weekend and I spent time every day cleaning the filter (so much easier with a cartridge filter!), maintaining the shock level and brushing the sides. Happy to report it's almost sparkling clean today! Not that it's warm enough to swim in yet, but soon probably! Here is a card I made to celebrate the Spring weather...

All supplies by one heart... one mind

I'm also on a gardening kick lately. Joined Freecycle and got some gardening books that one lady was giving away (loving freecycle btw, great idea!). Since then I've been totally inspired and hope to get back out there this week and get some weeding done. I am looking forward to Summer this year, not really sure why as my allergies have started already and generally I am so not ready for the 100+ degree weather. I guess after a month of feeling yukky with flu, my burnt hand and now allergies I just want to move forward.

Have a great Sunday!!!




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