Tues review: Printing Pouch (1)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I recently got asked to try the scraperfect printing pouch, and being the kinda gal that shoves anything through my printer I thought I'd give it a go, it sounded cool. After browsing the scraperfect website it was obvious that this little bag had lots of uses so I decided to separate my review/testing into separate phases, focusing on a different technique/medium each time.

The little bag is about 3" square, is available in MANY different colors and comes in a resealable plastic packet. One side has a little handle for easy use. The website has full instructions for use:
Prior to printing, you treat the printing surface by lightly tapping the pouch onto the printing surface to release the powders. The pouch is then used to evenly spread the fine coating of powder across the printing surface. The powder bond the ink to the surface while it speeds drying.
I'll be honest here and say that you don't really get the full effect in seeing the scanned image as you do in real life.
The print on the right is with the printing pouch. The difference is definitely more noticeable in real life. The print on the left has little area's where the ink hasn't adhered to the vellum. What I would call "splotchy" or "skipping" ink. Again not entirely bad, but not the effect I'd like. The printing pouch definitely has more ink on it, it looks black rather than a dark gray.

I left the vellum for a few minutes to dry and the printing pouch side did dry faster than the non-pouch side. I lightly brushed across the sheet with my finger and the pouch side didn't smudge, where the non-pouch side smudged, it needed a bit longer to dry.

Supplies: Papers: Target; Brads: JoAnns; Vellum: unknown; Computer Font; Scraperfect printing pouch;

In all I was impressed with the pouch. It definitely gives me more options when creating projects as vellum is something I rarely use, and have lots of other papers to try it out on! Also I hear it's great for stamping so looking forward to trying that!

More on the printing pouch soon!



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