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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

One of the questions I get a lot about blogging is "I don't like my blog name, can I change it?", and the answer is YES you can! As long as it's available on Blogger! I'm not talking the blog title here, I'm talking the URL like mine (up there in your browser) is http://dihickman.blogspot.com that can be changed in Blogger if you picked something and decided later that you don't like it. Here's how.

1. Sign into Blogger, and go to your dashboard. Click "settings".

2. Once in settings, click "publishing".

3. In the box, enter the name you want for your blog, and click "save settings". Remember that just because you want a particular name, doesn't mean to say it will be available! Blogger has thousands of active blogs and lots of the popular names have long gone! You may have to try a couple of times till you get a name that you like, and is available!

4. Congratulations you should now have a new blog URL!

  • If you have blog readers using RSS feeds, the feed will now be null and void and they will have to sign up again through their feed provider.
  • As I recall if you are using feedblitz for blog email updates for your blog readers, don't forget to change the blog URL!
  • If you have your blog link in forum signatures, these will need updating.
  • Same thing if you have your blog link in email signatures etc
  • If you are linked on any blog rolls or from any other sources you'll need to send out a reminder to update the blog link.
Happy blogging!



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