Manufacturer Challenge - Crate Paper

Monday, January 5, 2009

This month in the Manufacturer Monday I thought I'd challenge myself to use Crate Paper. Now I LOVE LOVE LOVE this line from Crate, however, it's a double edged love. Meaning that I struggled to actually USE it. Not because it's hard to use or anything but because it's so pretty I hate to cut it! But I did it! Sheesh...

This is a mini book, that started life as a card. When I was creating over the holidays I planned on posting this on New Years day, only the glitter took ages to dry (and I am STILL finding glitter a week later!), and I had to print off the text strip, and well by that time it was New Years Eve and I knew it wasn't going to get done in time. So I thought what else could I make this into? And so a mini album was born.

Supplies: Paper: Crate; Text strip: Photoshop; Sizzix Die; Glitter; Silver cardstock

This year I'm trying to break habits, create new habits, and change things. Rhonna Farrer did a challenge before where you had a month to work on changing ONE thing in your life. The theory being that it takes 28 days to create/break a habit. I loved that challenge and thought I'd do the same, and make a little mini book to document it. This is Januarys page. Quick intro on the habit, photo, and most importantly the "ACHIEVED:-" part of the journaling.

Supplies: Paper & Alpha: Crate; Template: Photoshop; Pen: Sakura; Brads & Rub-ons: MM

My goal for January is to run 2 miles. I'm in the process of getting fit & healthy and so it was apt that running was my January goal. For those who want to follow the process I'm updating every Saturday on my other blog. I actually started on 22nd December, and today I ran 1 1/4 miles! Right on track for 2 miles by the months end.

I have a basic idea of the other months, but need to put them in order before I do anything. Some are fitness related, some creative, some just plain habits I want to create/break. So how about you? What goals do you have for 2009? Did you document them yet?

More pages from this album soon, and more projects with Crate Paper every Monday this month!



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