Project 12

Friday, January 16, 2009

Ok so it hasn't quite got the same ring to it as project 365, or project 52, but my plan this year is to document MY life right NOW every month with photo's and journaling. I know it doesn't sound much but I really struggle to document the ME in my scrapbooks.

My plan is to use a digital template
(I used my own template 27 and flipped it for a double pager) which has room for a few smaller photo's, journaling and most importantly is something that I could add to as and when needed as the month progressed. I decided on digital/hybrid for this album as this is something that I plan on doing EVERY MONTH and I like to use the same format for those kinds of albums. Plus keeping it basic keeps the focus on the photo's and journaling which is what I wanted.

Now I know what you're thinking "but Di, January isn't over!" well for me it is. By that I mean my own deadline, rather than being the calendar month start/finish my deadline is my birthdate. So each month on the 16th I have a goal to document the previous months photo's and events in just one layout. The detailed layouts can come later :)

Another factor in this is I don't consider the monthly goal finished UNLESS the layout is printed, embellished and in my album. I just printed these pages off and embellished with real brads, flower and button. I also ended up mounting the pages on green cardstock as I didn't change printer settings and the first one ended up having 1/2" white border, but rather than waste photo paper I'd prefer to waste cardstock, so printed the 2nd sheet the same and just mounted on green cardstock. I actually prefer it now! One of those happy accidents! Here's a scan, though not a very good one as the page ended up being a bit lumpy with the flower and button, it looks TONS better IRL.

I have another long term project I'll be starting in March that will be running consecutively with this but more of an event thing, and I need to get the project together, work on the album and the details, so more info on that soon!

More project 12 on the 16th February!



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