Project 101 in 1001 update

Friday, May 22, 2009

I've been a little lax in posting updates about this project but hopefully getting back on track with scheduling blog posts will help that. Project 101 in 1001 is something I started in March, hoping to achieve 101 goals in 1001 days, culminating in my 40th birthday.Since making my list I have completed the following:

- get down to 130lbs - - (4/25/2009)
5 - run 3m/5k - (3/27/2009)
6 - run 4m - (10/4/2009)

My weight seems to be holding steady at around 129lbs, I began a weight training routine this week so hopefully the wobbly bits will stop wobbling soon! I just want to get some muscle definition now, and lose some body fat and I'll be happy :) lol not asking much huh?

The running is coming along, not sure I'll be entering a race anytime soon as I am pretty slow. I run inside on our treadmill in the garage and honestly I'm not sure how much longer I'll be doing that as it's starting to get warmer and that garage is like an oven. I just changed my schedule so I am running around 9.30am now which should help :)

In progress:-
2 - do 50/100 sit ups
7 - Run 5m - maybe today? lol
18 - work through - the artists way - in progress
45 - read at least 1 book a month - on track
Also on track with the self portrait every month :)

I've discussed getting my motorbike license with Bob and he's all for it. I'm thinking I'll go for the weekend course so I guess I better research when our next one is locally :) I've been riding offroad for a while so it's all a matter of driving on the road, hopefully I'll do ok. I can ride a bike offroad and I can drive a car on the road so shouldn't be such a stretch to ride a bike on the road right?

I don't think that's too bad right? I should be achieving 3 things a month on average, and seeing as some of my things are month long, year long or project long things then I think I'm on schedule!


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