Theme Thursday - Feminine Cards

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Last week of this months Theme Thursday which is Feminine cards. I've really used a lot of pink this month, which is great cos I tend to hoard it :) Using up some stash with these couple of cards...

Supplies: Paper: DCWV, Colorbok; Tape: Heidi Swapp; Flower Frame: Rob'n'Bob; Stamp: Kim Hughes (CHF); Rub-on: JoAnns;

Really having a hard time getting good photo's lately. Either too bright and sunny or too overcast. All the pinks match on both cards, yet the floral accent on both seems to stand out a lot more than it does in real life. Ah well C'est la vie!

Supplies: Paper: DCWV, Colorbok; Cardstock: DCWVl Tape: Heidi Swapp; Stamp: Kim Hughes (CHF);Button: American Crafts;

On a side note I am finally getting back into a normal sleep pattern. The holiday weekend was great, relaxing and finally saw Bob return to some regular hours at work. Which means we eat dinner together again (you wouldn't believe the last time that happened on a weekday!) and we walk the dogs together, and go to bed at a decent hour! Which means... sleep! Our sleep pattern has been disrupted so long I was beginning to think we'd never get back to a normal routine! Anyway because of all this I thought I'd share an odd dream I had this week.

The setting: A restaurant, kinda looked like a deli counter with some tables and chairs though, but in your head you just KNOW it's a restaurant. You know that stuff happens in dreams right? Anyway I was the manager (I think this stems from my previous career as a deli manager YEARS ago).
The scene is that staff are serving customers, waiting tables etc except one girl who I know is Sheryl from the Deli I worked at. She and her boyfriend (who I didn't know in the dream, except I did know Sheryls boyfriend IRL so that's odd) were necking in the corner of the restaurant. All the customers are uncomfortable and the staff are mad cos they are working hard and Sheryl isn't. So I go over and tell her off, everyone applauds. The couple get up, Sheryl apologizes. Then the boyfriend turns to me and hands me a Scotch Egg...

I make a surprised sound... (both in the dream and IRL apparently as Bob nudges me awake)

and I wake up. Yeah Wierd. ROFL! I mean a scotch egg? WTH? Even now I am cracking up just thinking about it. I'm seriously losing it!



-Agnes- May 29, 2009 at 1:40 AM  

Hi Di, thanks for sharing your dream - do you care for an interpretation? It's easy, you gave the explanation yourself in the same post... This dream depicts a conflict in your present situation in life. A conflict of interest between your role as a working person who acts according to the needs of your business (very generally the economic needs of your life, including your partner's job commitments). It's conflicting with your wish for some sort of private life intimacy which currently doesn't really fit well into your and your partner's lives as busy professionals. The intimate scene could stand for spending quality time together in a relationship and as a family. The scotch egg given to you by a man after an intimate situation (in your dream picture, Sheryl is just another part of yourself) symbolizes a baby, or something that takes that part in a family. In your life, this role might be filled by the dogs you want to care for together with your partner.

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