Ack what a weekend!!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Did ya miss me? Yeah I didn't mean to disappear on ya unfortunately the temperatures here soared over the weekend and we were over 100 degrees Friday, Saturday and Sunday.... Oh and did I mention our air conditioning broke? Ha! Gotta laugh eh? Anyway this meant that doing stuff inside just was NOT on the agenda, I did get some stuff done early Saturday but pretty much from lunch onwards this was my destination:

Definitely cools you down in the heat for sure!!! Never been so glad to have the darn pool I tell ya! Of course this meant that the concrete was HOT HOT HOT and the dogs were out "patrolling". Last year whilst walking the dogs I noticed that a neighbor up the street was giving away this paddling pool/sandpit for free. Knowing that our doggy pool was broken (plastic doesn't last long in the sun here) we took it home and finally got around to using it this weekend! Placed it under the shade of the patio cover and filled it up.

Now first I should mention that River is NOT a water dog, she hates baths, hates the hose pipe, hates US swimming, and will not walk in the rain or in sprinklers so she pretty much disappeared inside and never came out again, lol. Sky however is another story, though she doesn't like the pool she loves to paddle and after I got her OUT the paddling pool long enough to fill it up turned around to turn the hose off and she was already standing in the paddling pool!

Sky isn't daft she knows how to cool down. It only has about 4" of water in it but it kept her happy all afternoon and gave us something to laugh at to see her "diving" in it.

She steps in then buries her head right in the water, biting it and generally having a ball! Crazy dog! Too funny to see air bubbles coming up from her nose too!

Of course it also turned into an oversize water bowl and I think she drank a lot of the water too! At least she was cool and hydrated!

Sky was totally wet through and muddy by the end of the afternoon and had a good towelling off before dinner. Thankfully the paddling pool also came with a lid so I can just 'close' it up at night to stop any late night spills.

Right now I am sitting here waiting for the air con repair guy to make an appearance. Not tooooo bad today, only in the high 90's and there is a slight breeze, but dang I just wanna get out in that pool right now!!!


Mum,  July 21, 2009 at 6:21 AM  

Hi Di
Loved the Pics of Sky she seemed to enjoy the water thats for sure we miss them both like we do you both :-(

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