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Thursday, July 2, 2009

One of my goals for my 101 in 1001 project is to take a self portrait every month. I barely got them in during May and June taking them on the last day of the month!!! Coming in by the skin of my teeth on this goal but so far I AM on track. I managed to get out and get some shots done on Tuesday this week (yep last day of the month, I said it was close!), and this is my favorite of that 'session'.

This is post swim/sunbathe/shower so the hair is all naturally dry and kinda wavy, I like it. Just relaxing in the side yard in the 90 degree heat! Trying to get some shade out there! I also like how you can see some muscle definition in my arms coming :)

For May I took some shots right as I finished a run, I think it was 5 miles. Note to self: DO NOT take pics when I have been exercising! I look a mess! Hence the black and white shot! I also think the longer fringe suits me better than the short fringe? That's bangs to you Americans :)

One thing I did in May was take a shot of my stomach/abs. I want some comparison shots as I work out more. I already see lots of difference between this taken end of May and what I see in the mirror now. Though it's tough to get shots of yourself in weird positions, that was made easier once I found my remote cable :) Here are shots from May and June unflexed, then a shot of June flexed.

As you can see, still got a little bit of the ol' love handle/muffin top action in the unflexed but the flexed looks pretty hot right? Abs work out 5 days a week, plus weights 3 days and running 3 days. I am looking to add some yoga into the schedule too somewhere. I'd just like the flexed pic to be the actual unflexed pic, lol! And you can bet your ass if I am in a bikini I am flexing my abs constantly! lol! What strikes me in the two June pics is that the love handles kinda smooth out when flexed and the shorts look like they fit better when I didn't even adjust them. I really need to concentrate on the food aspect of the plan next though, weekends are really tough for me and I tend to cheat Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Which kinda renders the whole Mon - Thurs thing moot really!

Well that's the stakes for 101 in 1001 project and some fitness update :) I am actually enjoying taking photo's again now I found my camera charger and remote cable! So much easier when you have the right tool!

Back tomorrow :)



Tammy Dunlap July 3, 2009 at 11:13 AM  

WOW I am jealous! You have awesome abs! I am stuck in a rut and cant get the last 10 lbs off I want to lose... frown... I look nothing like you at all! Even with 10 lbs off I dont think I can look like you! Nice work!

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