No more itching!

Friday, July 3, 2009

I dunno if I've ever mentioned it before on my blog but I suffer from eczema. I don't get it a LOT like some people do, but if I get stressed, if my body temperature is too warm or my biggest trigger the season changes, I get it. Usually in the same few places: abdomen/behind my left ear/hairline/lower back and oddly my right ankle? Sometimes it comes in other places but those are guaranteed during my flares. Oh and exercise can sometimes make it worse cos of the sweating/body heat which is a pain when you want to lose weight or love exercise like I do! Anyway it's Summer and getting air to it always seem to help me, so for the last week I've been swimming then laying in the sun for 10 mins (each side), going for a shower, then applying the aftersun or lotion. Well a week has passed and I am completely clear! No eczema!

I've never been that bothered by it personally, it is afterall something you ljust earn to live with, but I've had a patch on my lower back and my belly that just seemed to be there for AGES, and now it's gone! I'm not sure what part of the swim/sun/lotion part is working, maybe a combo of the three, but I am over the moon!

Drat I realize now that I probably just jinxed myself! lol! If I wake up covered tomorrow I only have myself to blame!

In other news we have a hectic weekend ahead. Well lots of outings for us. Potluck BBQ on Saturday & Sunday lunches, and I still need to get in my scraproom and get tidying up! Plus I have assignments to finish for Digital Artist Magazine and! Ooooh plus I need to finish a digital kit for Scrapwow/RAKScraps... Eeeek busy weekend!

Hope everyone has an awesome 4th July weekend!!!



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